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Professional Investigation Office in ISRAEL

Ministry of Justice License 221693

Operational Investigations Office – Results First!

How important is it for you to really know that you are in the best and most professional hands?

The quality of an investigative firm is measured, first and foremost, by creating proven results, a quality combination of experience, professional background, reliability, dedication and high personal abilities, alongside using advanced technology, innovative equipment, creativity and skill.

The professional array of MOR Investigations & Operations, led by senior investigative and intelligence officers (in reserve) and veterans of operational units, draws on the experience of a professional and skilled team, focused on creating proven results, while maintaining complete discretion and confidentiality.

The difference between a professional private investigator – and everything else

MOR was founded over 25 years ago, by senior law enforcement officials. Quality service and recommendations are only the initial basis for creating results, all the way.

We are at your disposal with decades of experience in the public and private sector, in a variety of investigation services, surveillance, detective, business intelligence, economic investigations, marital investigations, wiretapping, operational surveillance and investigations in Israel / abroad.

Need a professional answer and answer to complex business challenges or question marks at home? The area is our home.

Professional private investigator - the way to gather evidence

The human factor – how can a private investigator help me?

It all starts with a person.

Disclosure of evidence, facts and hidden findings, in a variety of procedures and practices, is the lifeblood of a professional private investigator and an investigative firm.

Whether it’s an investigation into infidelity between spouses, gathering business intelligence, a wiretapping test, detecting espionage attempts or a background check before a financial transaction is important.

In each of the areas of investigation – the quality and experience of the private investigator, as well as the interpersonal skills and interaction with the client, often in a kind of distress and doubts – which require sensitivity, comprehensive professional response and speed of execution – are the real key to creating a reliable reality. Even when it comes to substantiating suspicions, gathering evidence and / or preventing threats (or for use in court, as the case may be).

MOR Investigations & Operations - done for you above and beyond

Why do customers choose us

Hundreds of satisfied customers - they are our quality business card!
  • Leading Investigations Office – High Skill with Proven Results
  • Accurate operational planning, adherence to purpose, creativity
  •  25 years of proven operational experience in Israel and abroad
  • The customer at the center – personal service, close accompaniment, dedication and transparency
  • Innovative technological equipment – wiretapping, detection and prevention tests
  • Advanced business intelligence, economic investigations and espionage prevention
  • A variety of activities with added values – under one roof
  • Results. Results. Results.

MOR Investigations & Operations - The Area is Our Field

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