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Eavesdropping tests have undergone significant technological evolution, including removing barriers to entry and purchasing equipment for making secret recordings, hacking and remote control of mobile devices and computers, GPS-based location tracking and more. All of these have been significantly upgraded in recent years, along with declining costs and easy availability to achieve, by simple means, including dedicated websites.

These eavesdropping devices have become common, and some can even be self-installed, even without a professional, and in many cases also through remote control by sophisticated software. Some are hidden and make it difficult to detect eavesdropping.

Technological advances in the field of wiretapping also create a significant professional challenge for a private investigator and his office, which deals with the detection and detection of wiretaps, and requires advanced equipment and technological capability that will be at the forefront and constantly updated.

The task – to investigate, detect and prevent intrusion into your privacy, and if necessary, also complete an investigation to identify the factors responsible for the burglary.

Eavesdropping Recommendations

גילוי האזנות סתר

For your convenience, we have compiled a number of recommendations and guidelines, with broad reference, to the types of tests to detect eavesdropping, and the main threats to your privacy.

  1. Do you suspect that your cell phone has been hacked or that you have been eavesdropped on? Most of those who suspect that they are being eavesdropped on – turn out to be right in their suspicion. Therefore, it is advisable not to ignore anything that looks strange or suspicious, whether it is a strange sound on a cell phone or a strange activity on a computer. Do not do anything in the first step, except stand guard. Do not rush to share anything with anyone, to avoid exposing the information to the eavesdropper. On the contrary, it can disrupt and evade the person responsible for the investigation and investigation efforts. Do not move tools or objects with which listening equipment can be implanted (an action that could expose the investigation to the eavesdropping agent). A professional eavesdropping test is often the right solution to prevent further eavesdropping.
  2. Take care of your mobile! Supervision does not necessarily mean complete prevention, but it does make it difficult for the person to do so. It is recommended that you do not open text messages, WhatsApp messages or suspicious links. The same goes for opening email attachments, the source of which is unknown. Also, the operating system version and other security updates should be updated, in order to protect the device, using a password (long and complex), and not to use a free, unsecured and listenable WIFI network.
  3. Familiarize yourself in depth with the wiretapping law: In short, (and without this being a substitute for legal advice) – recording and / or listening to a conversation without any of the participants agreeing to perform it, and / or installing spyware / surveillance / eavesdropping software, not by the device owner for his own use , and / or to one of his minor children (parental control), and / or not to an employee who has been updated in advance, (and confirmed this in his employment agreement), and / or not by the owner of the device appointed to another person’s guardian – constitutes prohibited wiretapping. This is a criminal offense punishable by law, up to 5 years in prison.
  4. Eavesdropping testing with advanced equipment: The way to locate and expose eavesdropping is similar to a constant race of innovation and technological superiority, between the intruder’s capabilities and the defensive side. This is to enable the detection of the breach in the equipment, the prevention of intrusion and the leakage of information. An investigative company that possesses advanced technological equipment for detecting eavesdropping, is the initial basis on which it must not be given up.
  5. Familiarity with all types of threats and proven operational experience: listening detection capabilities, locating and preventing eavesdropping on the mobile phone, listening at home or workplace, broadcasting devices or penetrating business secrets on the computer – based on close and updated familiarity with all types of threats, and the required professional response the time.
  6. Who’s eavesdropping to me? The discovery of wiretapping does not usually end with the discovery of the disclosure of wiretapping. Sometimes it is no less important to identify and locate the wiretapped. Therefore, investigative abilities, which rely on proven professional experience, are important. It is advisable to check the experience, reliability, quality of the private investigators working, and the reputation of the investigations office.
  7. Secure contact with a professional (not from your phone or personal email): This is the time to contact a professional. It is recommended not to use the email known to all, or the personal/ business phone. It is also recommended to use a phone outside the workplace/ to contact a secure site/ public phone or email that is not on the business network, and is not personally identifiable. Only briefly tell what is needed for the reference background – and make an appointment immediately.

Complete solution and prevention of wiretapping

We provide our customers with an advanced set of solutions for detecting and preventing eavesdropping:

Listening test, wiretapping and commercial espionage – whether wiretapping is done on a mobile phone/ using spyware such as “SpyPhone”/ wiretapping at home/ in the car/ at office, or whether there is a widespread attack of industrial or personal espionage, in all arenas.

We provide a comprehensive response to all existing threats in all arenas, including the cyber arena, physical space and information security. We work to reveal the facts and evidence that will indicate the listening, and as far as possible also to the person to whom the information is transmitted and / or the ordering party.

In addition, we perform periodic detection and prevention tests, which are performed on an ongoing basis, as a prevention routine and for the purpose of preventing information leakage and industrial espionage.

Future prevention:

A professional eavesdropping test, whether performed on a cell phone/ in a car / at home / at office – does not rely solely on advanced and innovative equipment. We use the most advanced technological equipment (listed below), but the importance of a professional private investigator, with rich knowledge and operational experience, regarding the nature and attack’s nature – is a significant part of the success of wiretapping, eavesdropping and future information leakage.

Future prevention

מניעת האזנות סתר

A professional eavesdropping test, whether performed on a cell phone/ in a car / at home / at office – does not rely solely on advanced and innovative equipment. We use the most advanced technological equipment (listed below), but the importance of a professional private investigator, with rich knowledge and operational experience, regarding the nature and attack’s nature – is a significant part of the success of wiretapping, eavesdropping and future information leakage.

Eavesdropping - Types of wiretapping

בדיקת האזנות סתר 

Eavesdropping on a telephone line:

Eavesdropping on a telephone line performed by an instrument, which is connected by wire to the telephone socket and from there to a recording device, or by installing a special component – Bug, installed on the telephone line (in a communication center/ in a branch cabinet /in an existing socket inside the home /business).

Eavesdropping on a mobile phone/ mobile device:

Are usually performed by installing “SpyPhone” software, which is installed on the phone, and allows, in effect, the “duplication” of the mobile device, including the access of the entity taking over all the content on the device, displaying information, listening, tracking and remote control.

 Exposing of wiretapping into a room space:

Wiretapping into a room, using a digital broadcasting or recording device, which listens and records the calls in the room, and transmits wirelessly to a dedicated recording device, for a range of 350 meters or more.

Vehicle wiretapping test:

Wiretapping in a vehicle is very common as an eavesdropping tool, whether for listening or tracking using tiny GPS components, hidden in the vehicle body. Device discovery requires the use of advanced equipment, skill and extensive experience.

Information security, cyber hacking and “spyware”:

Hacking into the company’s or personal computer through the use of “spyware” and cyber hacking, which exposes the computer / business network to remote takeover / to transfer information proactively to a remote site / address. From the moment of takeover, all sensitive information on the computer is exposed to the person taking over, including email correspondence, contacts and web browsing history. Execution of test sets, designed to prevent hacking and information leakage, implementation of information security systems, protection layers, monitoring and control.

Listening tests - types of tests

Listening tests – types of tests.

  1. “SpyPhone” detection test on mobile phones.

Once the “SpyPhone” software has been installed on a mobile phone, the mobile device becomes a perfect means of spying by the “takeover factor”, with all the content on the mobile device exposed and visible.

Locating the software on the mobile phone, using a wiretapping test, is a professional and complex process, due to a number of reasons:

  • The software leaves no trace in the activities log of the device, making it difficult to detect wiretaps.
  • The software is well camouflaged inside the device, so that even the replacement of the SIM card does not remove it.
  • The information is usually sent to an anonymous website, without leaving any identification marks.

The wiretapping and testing process is performed by us, using the most technological and up-to-date tools for scanning, activating advanced diagnostic tools, deciphering the information found on mobile phones, and finally creating a detailed report on the findings.

  1. TSCM:

Advanced wiretapping test, at the highest technological-civilian level in Israel and in the world, for business and private entities.

  1. Advanced technological equipment for detecting eavesdropping, TSCM test detection device:
  • Analyzer Spectrum – Scanning the VLF-LF, MLF, HF and SHF frequencies.
  • GSM CATCHER IMEI detection system GSM transmitters.
  • Thermal camera – detection and detection of heat sources.
  • TDR – Scans communication lines and wiring for testing listening devices.
  • Power measure magnetic field PMMF – Close magnetic field test.
  • Electromagnetic power meter – testing a close electromagnetic field.


Who broke out? Who ordered? Complementary investigation

Depending on the results of the wiretapping process, the findings of the discovery and the nature of the intrusion – whether by listening to the mobile device or hacking into the computer – can usually be further investigated to identify the source of the eavesdropping, by detecting fingerprints and digital signatures left behind, and in parallel with the person who ordered the wiretapping.


Proven results, experience and advanced technology

MOR Investigations & Operations – A leading investigative firm, managed by former senior intelligence officers, with extensive operational experience in the fields of investigations, detectives and intelligence for over 25 years. The firm is recognized and licensed by the Ministry of Justice, and is at your disposal with the most advanced technological equipment of its kind and a skilled operational team, to provide you with peace of mind and a professional, fast, dedicated and end-to-end professional solution. The service ensures complete confidentiality and discretion.

If there is a concern that wiretapping and intrusion is being carried out – it is important (!) To contact us only from a neutral device or email, which there is no fear that it is subject to eavesdropping. This way we can help, without exposing the suspicion and moves.

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