Divorce Investigation

Personal Status Investigations and Exposing Infidelities between Spouses, Operational surveillance and detective

Divorce Investigations - On Wisdom and Sensitivity

In light of the “contribution” of technology, and alongside the availability and ease of creating hidden romantic relationships, divorce investigations have become commonplace in recent years. Many couples make acquaintances through the internet, through chats, dedicated apps, text messages and more, which in many cases becomes a physical connection.

Divorce investigation requires great sensitivity, given the complexity and the great impact on the socio-family level, and the attendant apprehension of the disintegration of the family unit, on the complex and psychological implications involved.

In many cases, the betrayed spouse does not always muster the psychic forces for divorce investigations. The mental cost of the suspicions and the need to avoid the uncertainty and confirmation of the suspicions, which can disrupt their days and nights – becomes a substantial and significant factor, which ultimately causes a private investigator to be able to confirm or dispel the suspicions.

Before referring to a private investigator, it is advisable not to reveal suspicion or apprehension to the spouses, so as not to disrupt the process and obscure the facts by the unfaithful spouse, everything has to do with aspects of property division.

Investigation of infidelity between spouses is a complex private investigation, requiring sensitivity and extensive experience and carried out by a professional and skilled private investigator, in order to substantiate the suspicions of infidelity with solid evidence, using overt and covert professional tools: operational surveillance, creativity, sophistication and proven experience.

It is advisable to choose an experienced investigative firm with proven results, which will take care of building a case file and findings, which will be admissible in the Family Court or the Rabbinical Court, along with the close guidance and assistance of a lawyer as needed.

Early signs of infidelity between spouses - divorce investigation

Preliminary signs of infidelity suspicions before a divorce investigation:

  • The spouse is not separated from the cell phone. Often the phone on “vibrate” mode
  • Expenses for shopping for perfumes, care products and clothing of the spouse
  • Withdrawal of cash
  • Various suspicious or unfamiliar charges on the credit card (for hotels, restaurants, gifts)
  • Extraordinary sensitivity to privacy and concealment (mobile passwords, personal computer lock)
  • Failure to answer phones, unavailability and abnormal absences
  • A social circle that suddenly “expanded”
  • Back late
  • Meetings with old friends that spouse has not seen for a long time
  • The spouse leaves the house at hours when he / she has not left before
  • Different smells and signs in clothes and / or in the car
  • Giving meaningful gifts to the (betrayed) spouse for no reason

Some of the changes do not always indicate an affair or infidelity, but a combination of several signs together should attract the attention of the spouse.

Yes. It is very possible that you are on the betrayed side.


When establishing suspicions, in order to create a credible picture of reality, a professional divorce investigation is required, and the true evidence and facts by an experienced private investigator are established.


The difference between success and failure in the results of a divorce investigation is very significant for the personal and general future, and is based, first of all, on the quality of the private investigator, his proven experience and skill.

MOR Investigations & Operations, led by former senior intelligence officers and operational unit veterans, is at your disposal with 25 years of professional experience, advanced equipment, complete efficiency and discretion, and works for a reliable, dedicated and fast professional response – with proven results in

חקירת גירושין - בכנת תיק גירושין

The goal is to obtain evidence in a divorce investigation

  1. Privacy Protection Law – Complexity of the matter:


The Supreme Court has ruled several times that the Privacy Protection Act is an essential issue in a person’s fundamental rights, and therefore intimate photographs from the bedroom should not be submitted.


  1. Preparation of a divorce case – admissible and factual evidence:

The supreme goal that affects the success of the construction of a divorce case, is to gather relevant intelligence backed by solid evidence, which on the one hand will shorten the divorce proceedings, and on the other hand allow the creation of substantial benefits to the traitor, who managed to prove the act of infidelity. An experienced veteran investigator can know, in advance, what evidence is admissible by the court and the rabbinical court. By the way, evidence collected by a private investigator on Saturday is not admissible in a rabbinical court.

This connection can be seen that between rabbinic laws does not refer to the betrayal of a man, to the same degree of severity of the betrayal of a woman. Many times a woman’s property right in the division of property is denied by a rabbinical court, while a treacherous man “wins” a reduced aggravation.


  1. Lawyer – Legal support:

In divorce investigations and the preparation of a divorce case, we recommend that you seek the help of a close lawyer. Better a professional lawyer who specializes in personal status. As needed, we will be happy to assist in connecting with a lawyer or a rabbinical advocate, while reducing expenses and saving financial resources.


  1. Economic investigation and locating assets:

Among many spouses, one of the structures is the one in charge of the financial side, and most often the other spouse is less dominant, less involved (or not involved at all) and unaware of the extent of the property.

In order to avoid a situation where one of the spouses will be deprived as part of the division of property, and for the purpose and realization of his full financial rights, we conduct a comprehensive economic investigation, in order to locate and disclose all components of the couple’s property and accumulated capital. This is in light of the fact that in many cases one of the spouses conceals or smuggles property, to hidden unknown places.

The role of the investigation office is to locate the property and assets, and prevent an economic advantage of the traitorous party. An economic investigation can also be used after the divorce proceedings have ended, in cases of increasing or decreasing child support, including presenting evidence and proof, regarding the alleged economic change.


  1. Confidentiality and discretion – also from your side:

Intelligence gathering work requires maximum confidentiality and discretion – on our part, but also on your part.

It is important to maintain with the utmost discretion the very reference to an investigative office.

A spouse who is aware of suspicion towards him, is more careful and makes it difficult to gather evidence. Even when the mind is turbulent – it is better to hold back and not reveal any information, which may complicate or disrupt the work of gathering evidence.

Do you suspect that your spouse is not loyal to you? Want to get more details for obtaining evidence in divorce proceedings? We will be happy to be at your service