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Advanced business intelligence, information gathering and economic investigations:

Business intelligence and commercial information gathering are at the core of business economic activity, both as decision support information and as a basis for creating benefits and added values, alongside competitors in a competitive business environment.

How important are the benefits of having professional information gathered by experts, business intelligence with proven results?

MOR Investigations & Operations, led by senior law enforcement officials, intelligence officers and former operational unit veterans, and proven operational experience in the field of investigations and intelligence, assist in investigations and information gathering, by overt and covert means. The firm specializes in a variety of business-competitive intelligence areas as well as competing activities – and allows you to operate successfully and transparently in a competitive environment, while creating tangible benefits and added values.

משרד חקירות מודיעין עסקי
Business Information Collection – Advantages of Competitive Business Intelligence:

Information implies power, especially when it comes to gathering information, exposing relevant information in a business environment and creating a competitive advantage. Whether it is competitive business intelligence, competitor activity, marketing strategy, launching new products and services, protecting the company’s interests, partner credibility, business background checks, tests that enable signing agreements, information security and more.

Contrary to popular belief, business intelligence does not describe business espionage. Business information is gathered from available and in-depth sources, while cross-referencing information, in-depth analysis, research, complex intelligence activities and completing an investigation, through an investigative firm or a skilled private investigator. All of this is done in order to get the full picture, and complete the pieces of the puzzle together into a complete and professional picture (this is different from business espionage, which uses prohibited wiretapping, theft of documents, etc. which constitute a criminal offense).

Survival in a business environment depends on the toolbox you build for yourself, through the collection of information and intelligence.

How do you gather business intelligence?

It is a creative and professional process of cross-referencing information from visible and less visible sources, in-depth analysis and connecting the parts of the image into a complete image. These are social networks, databases, intelligence cross-sections, field activities, etc., which connect the points in a clear line to create a complete business intelligence picture. Business information enables the achievement of a competitive advantage, as a legitimate part of the business activities of leading companies in Israel and around the world.

Quality business intelligence enables the results of gathering up-to-date and accurate information in a variety of relevant areas:

  1. Threatening activity from potential competitors.
  2. Competitive Intelligence – Marketing Strategies of Competitors.
  3. Analysis of information on business threats, and their disclosure.
  4. Information on the launch of new products and services.
  5. Business opportunities and new markets.
  6. Background checks, business reliability, economic activity.
  7. Reliability of partners, employees and candidates.
  8. Economic tests, business stability, resources, credit, rating.
  9. Locating property, locating properties.
  10. Locating employee and partner embezzlement
מודיעין עסקי
Economic Investigations – Business Intelligence and Prevention:

Economic investigations require the collection of relevant information from overt and covert sources, intertwined with creative and intensive fieldwork. All for one purpose – to provide relevant information for a supportive and considered decision. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to preventing information leakage from the organization, information security, personal and professional reliability of employees and managers.

Protecting confidentiality, including creating an organizational culture that preserves the company’s knowledge assets and sensitive information. For example, an armored brigade doesn’t move in front of the enemy without prior intelligence work. Even Shlomo the shopkeeper, doesn’t increase his supply of chocolates and sandwiches, without receiving the information. It works, since everyone uses the collection of business information, one way or another, in the field of their activity – in its analysis, and the use of data for operational conclusions in the management of the business.

Information is the name of the game. This is not a slogan, this is the reality in all areas of business. Business intelligence is a key tool for business development and protection. The number of times a business owner has said to himself, “If I knew what I know now, I would not act like this” – resonate in our heads and guide us to act in favor of the customer.

Checking business partners and employee reliability:

A business engagement can be a one-time move or an ongoing long-term engagement. Sometimes bringing in a business partner is more binding and influential than marrying a woman. A priority opinion from skilled private investigator, prior to a purchase or business engagement, can prevent disappointment, or business entanglement, later on.

Obtaining business information and economic investigative services, done by a leading and legally licensed investigative office – can help detect embezzlement and fraud in a business or company, because an employee who leaks business secrets can collapse the company. Even an employee or employees, who steal small amounts of the company’s products, can inflict significant economic damage, and create a major reliability problem.

“Sof Ma’ase Be Makhshava Tkhila” means – “Think before you act”:

Proven results of business intelligence, information gathering, economic investigation, preventing intrusion into organizational information, protecting trade secrets and more, can save the company and you enormous resources of time, money and unnecessary heartache, along with creating a competitive advantage.

MOR Investigations & Operations, led by former senior intelligence officers in the law enforcement system and veterans of operational units – are at your service with rich operational experience, and are ready to gather information by overt and covert means, while discreet and complete secrecy.

Advanced business intelligence and information gathering with proven results!
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