Penetration Testing

Cyber Penetration testing, detection and prevention

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is an attempt to evaluate the security of the organization assets (application, infrastructure etc.) by trying to exploit vulnerabilities.

Our team performs penetration tests on Web applications, Android mobile applications, iOS mobile applications, Infrastructure, Wi-Fi.

We perform multiple types of Penetration Testing – White box, Gray box, and Black box.

  • White box – Perform penetration tests while having the source code of the targeted application and detailed documentation about it.
  • Gray box – Perform penetration test while having basic details about the targeted application/system/network and possibly having credentials for the target.
  • Black Box (Red–Team) Ongoing penetration test service is a service where we define annual projects with the company POC (usually CISO) in order to define the company’s most important assets (“Crown Jewelry”).
  • Our ethical hacking team uses all agreed method and execute various attacks against the company, record the vulnerabilities gathered while performing the attacks and generate a full detailed report describing the company security risk status. The penetration test is performed without having any details about the company.

Cyber Penetration Testing computer

Phishing simulation and User Awareness Training

Phishing emails are one of the most common cyber-attack on the organization it was enhanced to newer attacks also known as a man in the email, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks.

We enable you to increase employee awareness by sending customized emails to your employees by groups or direct using our template that will best fit the relevant target.

The Reports will provide deep information on what links were pressed what data was leaked and most important will train your employees not to open suspicious emails.

Incident Response – Investigation of Hacking Incidents

We are able to investigate an incident of hacking in a comprehensive way, detecting the attacking vector and clarifying the pattern of

the threat actors.

In some cases, we can also trace the hacker’s IP and origin
and other information that will shed light on the incident.

Internet/Social Media/Domain/Identity Investigation

 We are able to investigate “anonymous” Social Media accounts, using unique technologies, and provide proof
and evidence about the real ownership.

We can also perform the same on “Domains”, to find out who
is behind a website or any domain registered.

Forensic Investigations

In the modern digital world, organizations are being breached on a daily

Claims of fraud, financial tampering, computer crime,
employee misconduct, and other wrongdoing require corporations to follow
digital trails to piece together facts that lead to the truth.

We offer expert services in digital forensics. Our forensics
team consists of the top experts with vast experience from IDF and the leading
companies in the market.

The Reports will provide full understanding regarding the timeline of the security incident, including data leakage details, suspicious activities, and analysis of the attack vector being used in order to penetrate the organization.